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BOSCH Impact Control Hex-9 Multiconstruction Drill & Screw Driver Bit Set 35-Pcs


Multi Construction Drill Bits

Suitable for drilling in most materials such as masonry, brick, light building materials, multi-layer materials, ceramics and tiles, wood, plastic, and metals

Centring tip for a precise drilling start and good guidance in the drilled hole

Diamond ground cutting edges enables multi-purpose drilling

4 Flute reinforced core section for better wear resistance and stability when drilling in concrete

Perfect results when drilling with or without impact


Screwdriver Bits

Ideal for heavy duty use

Can be used with high Voltage impact drivers

Manufactured from specially formulated V steel alloy for extreme toughness

Features torsion control to withstand the stresses of high torque applications

Black oxide finish

1/4" Bit holder

Further Description



Multi Construction Bits:

    1 x 3mm

    1 x 4mm

    2 x 5mm

    2 x 6mm

    2 x 8mm

    1 x 60mm Bit Holder

Impact Control Bits:

    1 x PH1 25mm

    4 x PH2 25mm, 1 x PH2 50mm

    1 x PH3 25mm

    3 x PZ2 25mm, 1 x PZ2 50mm

    1 x PZ3 25mm

    1 x T15 25mm, 1 x T15 50mm

    3 x T20 25mm, 1 x T20 50mm

    3 x T25 25mm, 1 x T25 50mm

    2 x T30 25mm, 1 x T30 50mm 

    1 x T40 25mm


Supplied In A  Robust Bosch Case