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Michelin Programmable Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge 12294

Michelin Programmable Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge 12294

This programmable tyre pressure gauge by Michelin is easy to use and can be programmed with your car's recommended tyre pressures to give you an accurate reading. The sturdy alloy body and plastic exterior make this a rugged and reliable pressure gauge.

Key Features

Can be programmed with front and rear tyre pressures for up to two cars

Built in flash light to illuminate the tyre valve

Bleed valve incorporated

Backlight LCD screen for clear visibility

Digital tyre pressure display

Accurate to plus or minus 1%

Built with a ridged plastic exterior and metal core

PSI, kPa, BAR & Kg/cm²

Range: 5-99 PSI, 0.4-6.80 BAR, 40-680 kPa, 0.4-6.80 kg/cm2

Dimensions: L: 156mm x W: 45mm x D: 24mm

Power: 2 x CR2032 Lithium Battery (replaceable)