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SureStop Water Stopcock Switch SS/15/SPL 15mm Push Fit for Copper / Plastic Pipe

Surestop is a unique and innovative Stopcock range, focused around protecting properties from the risk of water damage. With a simple flick of a switch, Surestop Stopcocks will completely STOP the water supply - without the use of batteries or electrics. Surestop is easier and quicker to install and use over traditional brass stopcocks and are available with a discreet and modern control.

If the occupants will be able to reach a new or existing brass stopcock, but wish to have one which is easier to use and more mobile, our stand-alone Surestop Stopcock is the perfect choice. It features a simple lockdown switch to control the mains water, so that the entire water supply is simply and instantly turned off when required.


Benefits include, Instant lockdown switch from the stopcock, Can easily replace existing brass stopcocks, WRAS approved (no 1011009), Cold water supply max 23°C at 10 bar, Hot water supply max 60°C at 3 bar, Limescale resistant, Available with push-fit connections, for easier installation onto 15mm plastic or copper pipe.